About Bad Toro
Welcome to Bad Toro Freestyle Kickboxing, I am the Chief Instructor and your lessons will always be taught by me. I have been Kickboxing for over 17 years as I started at 4 years old.I have trained with many well known martial arts instructors including Master Phil Benisten and Andy Morrell.

So what will you learn?
You will learn to use all parts of your body. You will learn how to punch, kick, knee andelbow. I will teach you how to defend yourself against a attacker and also how to compete on the big circuit. You will also learn a wide variety of self defence moves from somebody grabbing you to headlock and pre-emptivly dealing with a situation before it escalates into a violent state.

We welcome all beginners as at the end of the day every black belt has took the same step thru the door as a white belt.

All of our classes are open to beginners so just turn up at any venue which is closest to you.

Private Lessons
I can offer private lessons on a one to one basis which has many benefits including:
  • Fitness
  • Flexibility Training
  • Self Confidence
  • Improved Sparring Technique
  • Motivation

I have been involed in martial arts since I was 4 years old, joining shotokan at a young age and other such styles like Tae Kwon Do. Growing up I moved across to freestyle where I felt more comtable and trained under sensei Gordon Wilson to Brown Belt 1st kyu level. Taking my 1st dan infront of a panel of approx 13 judges at CMAA. I began working as a bouncer in Manchester and took on other styles such as wrestling and Judo.

I have also trained with Sensei Andy Ford and was awarded a black belt in his style of Panther Martial arts.

The years have went by and I have taken my 2nd dan in front of MASTER Phil Beniston 7th dan.