30/06/2013 - WKC National Championships - Today local Warrington Kickboxing club Bad Toro Freestyle Kickboxing brought 2 of there fighters to compete in the WKC National Championships, Local Warrington Kickboxing fighters Caitlyn Hadfield and David Newton Both travelled to Manchester to take on whoever stepped on the mat. After some very strong fights Bad Toro Managed to Walk Away with a silver medal. Well Done guys!

23/06/2013 - Gradings - Tonight at local Warrington Kickboxing club Bad Toro Freestyle Kickboxing, Gradings took place for the students. After a very intense warm up designed to weaken and push the students to there limits, then a very strict and silent gradiing took Place at Bad Toro's HQ. The following people passed there next belt. 8th KYU Nick Leigh, Georgia Leigh, Paul Barnett, Josh Summersgill, George Lomas, Sharon Gwinnith, Megan Gwinnith, Angela Coxon, Joseph Schuster, Rebecca Schuster, Darcey Nolan, Harriet Jones, Rebecca Wells, Caitlyn Palferman, Melissa Dutton, Jack Dickinson, Harry Abbott, Jem Adamson, Jenny Moses, Josh Mills, Zack Mills, Kian Cooper, Lisa Boult, 7th KYU David Newton, Ann Moses, Jack Hallam, 6th KYU Thomas Clay, Caitlyn Hadfield, 5th KYU Anna Owen, Luke Owen, Ryan Carty, Olivia Leigh

24/05/2013 - Kings Battleground - Today local Warrington Kickboxing club Bad Toro Freestyle Kickboxing saw 2 of its fighters Sensei Dale Flaherty and Student Paul Barnett both make the journey down to Nottingham to fight in the Kings Battleground. Both fighters entering the MMA section. Sensei Dale Flaherty was the first to step to the challenge Fighting a much older and more experianced opponent. Dale used all his freestyle experiance and completly dominanted his opponent in the first round trading shots, The second round came and Dale decided to utilise his grappling experiance and take the opponent down with a big Judo hip throw and continue to dominate his opponent beating him with a single arm bar.
Next to step up Was Paul Barnett, Being his first ever competition and MMA fight Paul shown no signs of nerves and fought a much bigger opponent. After exchange some very good blows each the fight went to to the floor where there were alot of transitions between both fighters, 2nd round came and Saw Paul come out and take his opponent straight down and get into a great position, Paul managed to secure a Triangle armbar on his opponent however this didnt work to its true advantage as his opponent managed to stand up and slam Paul to the mats damaging his back and ending the fight.
Semi final Round came round for Dale and he was drawn against a very strong grappler. Dale fought his opponent strongly and when the fight continued to the floor Dale managed to hold his own until he made a very costly mistake with his experianced opponent was able to submit him. All credit to all fighters on the day within in MMA section, There were alot of respect shown from all Fighters in Attendance and a great competition.

11/05/2013 - Club Night Out - Tonight Warrington Kickboxings club Bad Toro Freestyle Kickboxing's students and parents went on a night out to Stockton Heath. the night started off with the team meeting up for drinks in the local in the village and after a good catch up and a few dance off's between the team headed off into Warrington town centre where the team continued the dancing til the late hours. Great night guys. Pictures to follow.

01/05/2013 - Master Visit - Warrington Kickboxing club Bad Toro Freestyle Kickboxing was today visited by Master Phil Beniston and Taz Towers, The visit purpose was to present cheif Instrutor Sensei Dale Flaherty with his 3rd Dan Black belt which he passed some 2 weeks before. Both Masters on arrivial got changed and decided to take Warrington kickboxings club Bad Toro Freestyle Kickboxing through there training that night on there particular disciplines. Master Taz Towers took the Childrens class and introduced them to the frightening KAI! of Shotokan Karate, After teaching the students for the hour it was time for the the Adults class.
Master Beniston took the class and decided to take the class through some Ju Jitsu and Self Defence clinch work. All of the students thoroughly enjoyed the different kind of training. At the end of the session Both masters had made a comment about how the level of standard was extremely good and couldnt believe the level they were at, specially the lower grades. Sensei Dale Flaherty was presented with his 3rd dan and both Masters agreed to come back down in the near future to train.

20/04/2013 - Black Belt Grading - Today Sensei Dale Flaherty made his way to Alfreton Leisure Centre to undertake his 3rd Dan infront of Master Phil Beniston 9th Dan and Master Taz Towers 7th Dan, After a very strong 2 hour grading with non stop techniques, Combinations, Sparring techniques,Pad work drills and Self Defence techniques repeated over and over, He also had to Spar with his opponent for several rounds including a 2 on 1 and also a 3 on 1 with one of his own students Caitlyn Hadfield trying to get her own back for all the hard work he puts her through! He then had to go for several rounds of Groundwork fighting to prove his abilities before being awarded his 3rd Dan. Well Done Sensei Dale Flaherty 3rd Dan

14/04/2013 - ISKA National Championships - Today Bad Toro Freestyle Kickboxing members Dale Flaherty and Caitlyn Hadfield went to the world renowned ISKA national championships in Birmingham. As Sensei Dale is also a referee he had his work cut out for him. Dale was the first to start off the action fighting in the MMA, Having decided to fight last minute in the MMA due to the fact of his Ju jitsuand wrestling background, Dale stepped on the mat with other opponents until meeting The World champion and being caught in a submission, Dale Flaherty secured 3rd Place and has qualified to represent the England team again in the world championships later on this year in North Cyprus. Caitlyn Hadfield was next to step on the mat in her points fight. She fought a very convicing fight until losing to a single point in the last 4 secs and narrowly missing out on the medals. Then finally Dale Flaherty Stepped up to fight an opponent in the points section. After some hard fighting and a fantastic drop sweep taking his opponent into the air and on his back, Dale Managed to come away with 4th Position. Pictures and videos can be found on the Facebook Group page

23/03/2013 - ISKA Squad Training - Today Sensei Dale Flaherty and student Caitlyn went to Birmingham for England squad training at the ISKA Headquaters, After already both of them doing a full sparring session with the bad toro team in the morning, they then travelled to Birmingham to train with the rest of the England squad, After having another grueling warm up and fitness session off Legend Nathan 'Megatron' Lewis. Nathan hand picked Caitlyn as being one of only a couple of people who had great fitness and stamina.

16/03/2013 - Clash Of The Titans - Sensei Dale Flaherty fighting for the ISKA Team on Clash of the Titans

10/03/13 - Warriors Open Championships -Today Bad Toro Went to the Bolton Warriors Open Championships, Sensei Dale Flaherty brought 6 of his fighters to the competition held in Bolton where they faced some very good and stiff competition, 5 of the fighter have came home with Medals including 1 first place. Adam Davies had his first ever competition and fought a fantastic fight against his opponent, after taking an early lead and also getting a point for the follow up punch to the fighter on the floor (signature move of Sensei) he lost by 1 point, Second to fight was Luke Owen, Luke stepped on the mat and seriously shown what he was made of snatching 3rd Place. Next to fight was Reece Musgrave (also very first competition) fought a fantastic fight winning his first fight! Then went fought again and lost by one single point. Next to fight was Caitlyn Hadfield in the points section, Caitlyn easy proved what she was worth Beat her first 2 fighters by early stoppage! Her final fight saw a very close fight and Caitlyn took 2nd, Anna Owen was also fighting at the same time as Caitlyn and beat all of her opponents with great ease! Facing some really experienced fighters she proved herself and shown all the sparring techniques she had been practising the day earlier in the sparring class taking 1st Place! Olivia Leigh(1st competition) again fighting at the same time as her team mate Anna also shown that she was there to fight had a very difficult fighter which she managed to fight and take 3rd place! To End the Day off Caitlyn Hadfield fought in her final fight in continuous and managed to battle her way through to take 3rd Place! Well Done to All of my Students, you made me very proud! Keep up all the hard work and keep the medals rolling in!

28/02/13 - Bad Toro in the Warrington Gaurdian - Today Bad toro was featured in the local rag for both Caitlyn Hadfield and Meleah Wells securing 3rd Place at the WKC championships and being selected to fight for England.

27/02/13 - Gradings - There was a grading tonight at the club. The following people got there next grade. 7th Kyu Lewis Doodson, 6th Kyu Ryan Carty.

24/02/13 -WKC NATIONALS LIGHT CONTACT - Today Caitlyn Hadfield fought in the WKC LIGHT CONTACT competition in Manchester securing 3rd place and again being selected to fight for England. Well done Caitlyn!

17/02/13 - Gradings - There was a grading tonight at the club. The following people have passed their next grade 8th Kyu Reece Musgrave, 7th Kyu Caitlyn Hadfield, Thomas Clay, 6th Kyu Anna Owen, Luke Owen, Olivia Leigh, Meleah Wells

16/02/13 Club Night Out - The club enjoyed a great night out to Stockton Heath. After all meeting up in the Mulberry tree then decided to keep the drinks going as they made their way down to Tom 101's and ending up in Cape. Dale attempted to make it a messy night on the shots but the team didn’t want to follow suit.

16/02/13 Club Day Out - Today the Team went out for their regular day out. The club decided to go bowling to LA Bowl in Warrington, The team had 2 games of bowling and a great laugh until all fun and games were over at the Bumper cars. 2 students who shall not remain nameless Caitlyn and Anna decided to take out Sensei, The crash being that bad that insurance companies are involved to clear up all of the litigation. Both students found it hilarious too. Payback will certainly be coming on the next class! After the bowling the team went on to Pizza hut to enjoy the rest of the day.

09/02/13 - ISKA ENGLAND SQUAD TRAINING - Today saw Sensei Dale Flaherty training in Birmingham with the rest of the England squad getting ready for this years World championships in North Cyprus. The warm up was taken by Nathen 'Megatron' Lewis who pushed the team on a gruling 1 hour warm up leaving the team exhausted. Then split into several groups where Paul Smith from the 'Warriors' club gave a good session.

03/02/13 - WKC English Open National Championships - The team today went down to the WKC championships, After a very hard day of fighting with a great standard of fighters Bad Toro has managed to secure 2 Bronze Medals. Both Caitlyn Hadfield and Meleah Sian Wells have secured 3 rd Place and been Selected to fight on the british team for this year. Excellent display of techniques shown by both fighters!

02/01/13 - Welcome to 2013 and the club is back open as usual! See you all at training

08/12/12 ISKA REF COURSE - Sensei Dale Flaherty has today been down to Birmingham to do the Refs course with ISKA. After both a theory and practical test he has passed and is now a qualified CLASS B referee. This means he is now able to ref at world Level as the centre ref.

11/11/12 - Competition (Warriors Open) - Today Bad Toro Freestyle Kickboxing Brought some of there students to compete in there very first competition. Out of 5 students we managed to secure 2 Silver and 2 Bronze medals. One of the students Anna Owen had to fight in the next weight catagory section above there was nobody in her section, with the new section came a whole new different height difference. Anna came against a opponent double her height and seriously gave the opponent a true run for the money narrowly missing the win after it went to sudden death. what a warrior!

ISKA World Championships Valkenburg, Netherlands 30th October - 3rd November 2012 Sensei Dale Flaherty went to the world championships to represent the England Squad. After 3 days worth of fighting Dale came away with 3rd in the world championships. Well done, Cyprus next year for the next world championships

Gradings - Gradings - Gradings took place at the Bad Toro Freestyle Kickboxing HQ. We are pleased to annouce that the following students recieved there next Grade. 8th Kyu Thomas 7th Kyu Anna Owen, Luke Owen, Meleah Sian Wells, Olivia May Leigh, Kirstyann Kavanagh,

17/04/12 - Competiton - Sensei Dale Flaherty fought in the ISKA world champs and won giving him the chance to represent himself this year in the ISKA World Championships In Valkenburg, Netherlands.

04/03/12 - Gradings - Gradings took place at the Bad Toro Freestyle Kickboxing HQ. We are pleased to annouce that the following students recieved there next Grade. 8th Kyu Anna Owen, Luke Owen, Lucy Swann, Meleah Sian Wells, Olivia May Leigh, Ryan Carty, 7th Kyu Steven Hennis 6th Kyu Christopher Roach, Jack Perrin,

08/01/12 - NEW CONTRACT WON - Bad Toro Sensei Dale Flaherty managed to win a contract to teach the members of the prestigious David Lloyd Health club. The contract is to teach there members on a weekly basis the fundermentals of kickboxing and pushing there fitness to a whole new level.

17/12/11 - Christmas Party - We had our Christmas party, complete with games for both Kids and Adults and Presentation. The games consisted of Adult dodgeball which was great fun, The team also had a few merry drinks and a great buffet put on by the parents. Great Thanks to everybody who turned up.

19/10/11 - Self Defence class was done for the Scout Explorers, The class talked about all of the different dangers and shown a hand full of self defence techniques for dangerous situations.

21/08/11 - Gradings - Gradings took place for 13 members of the Bad Toro Freestyle Kickboxing club, Parents and fellow students came to give support for there friends who took part in a very difficult 2 hour grading. Successfully all students grading past. 8th Kyu Ellis Roberts, David Salmon, Conner Poole, Elle Whittaker, Nicola Payton, Chloe Payton, Mia Payton, Kirstyann Kavanagh, Rhys Ireland, Jake Grimshaw,7th Kyu Christopher Roach, 6th Kyu Declan Hardman, Marlena Zakrzewska. WELL DONE EVERYONE

21/08/11 - Bad Toro Freestyle Kickboxing had been invited to attend a charity event held by Subway. Some of the students including Sensei Dale went down to give a demonstration to the people attending and also the staff. This was a very good day and saw a good donation from all who attended for the charity. Some of the members got caught up in it all and decided to get there faces painted too....

20/08/11 - The team went for a day out to LA Bowl in Warrington. It was a very good day and saw some good fun between the whole team, After the bowling the club went 2 games of bumper cars which saw the big kids trying to gang up and Get Sensei Dale. After the bowling the remaining members which were left went to Pizza Hut to finish the day off.This was a fantastic day and was enjoyed by all.

25/06/11 BAD TORO GO PAINTBALLING!!!  The students of the club all agreed that we must go paintballing. The day was fantastic and we all have a few bruises to show from the day but it was enjoyed by all, Next event is undecided but open to suggestion. Maybe a night out on the tiles for the adults and kids parents and bowling for the kids??

17/03/11 congratulations to Declan Hardman for passing his Orange belt, A truely fantastic grade.

13/03/11 congratulations to Lee Darwin and Daniel Darwin for passing there yellow belts, keep up the hard work

26/02/11 congratulations go to Elliott Chesters for passing his yellow belt and Jack Perrins for passing his orange belt after alot of hard work, Well done lads!

20/02/11 congratulations mark Adamson for passing your green belt, Fantastic grading keep up the hard work.

10/02/11 Sensei Dale Flaherty was asked to teach a self defence seminar to the Scouts explorers group. The group listened and learned some new skills to keep them safe.

If you would like a seminar teaching please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.

WARRINGTON Ladies Kickboxing classes now on Sunday! Every sunday kickboxing. The class runs from 630-730 and offers fast pace high calibre training!

13/10/10 Gradings congratulations to Kelly Herridge for passing her green belt and Maggie Grimshaw and Jack Perrins for passing there Yellow belt. well done guys keep up the good work!

26/09/10 Sensei Dale Flaherty brought 2 of his children students to the MAI competition in manchester to get there 1st taste of a competetition. Both Declan Hardman and Jack Hallem done a fantastic job and fought a great fight.well done! Also Sensei Dale Flaherty was refereeing and was awarded the national ref certificate for his good work!

17/10/09 Sensei Dale Flaherty went to Mablethorpe to help Sensei Adam Beniston and Sensei Charlotte Goodwin teach a self defence course in association with the Lincolnshire Police and Council. The day was a complete success and afterwards the 3 instructors and student Kelly Herridge enjoyed a nice meal and the delights that the East Coast had to offer.

10/10/09 Sensei Dale and student Justin Lunt got asked last minute to fight in a full contact Kickboxing fight. With barely a weeks notice both fighters stepped up to the plate and came out with rockets. Unfortunately Dale sustained an injury so the fight had to be stopped even though he tried carrying on with it, also Justin came dropping bombs. G.P. Martial arts have realised that Bad Toro is not a bull to be messed with,we look forward to the rematch in March!! Well done Lads!!

26/09/09 Gradings Kelly Herridge, Garry Bundy, Mark Adamson,Neil Cannon and Oliver Wilson hall all successfully passed their yellow belt.

20/09/09 Sensei Dale Flaherty fought at the MAI OPEN WKC and came 3rd in the mens 74k points section.well done Dale

16/09/09 Tonight we had the pleasure of Sensei Stuart Laird come and do a class on Ju Jitsu. Sensei Laird 3rd dan took the class through a good warm up and went into some simple combinations,after that he began to teach some basic wrist locks,ending with movements and take downs. Class really enjoyed themselves. Thank you Stuart,you are always welcome down.

12/09/09 Sensei Dale Flaherty was asked to fight in combat 32 approx 17 hours before it was due to start,having spent many years on the doors Dale thought what the hell and entered the full contact comp fighting for the North stars Team. Dale fought a strong battle for his team losing against Chris Collymore but is a Combat 32 Team champion! Well done Dale.

5/08/09 - Bad toro opens 1 of its clubs in the warrington area of orford

31/05/09 - Sensei Dale Flaherty was asked to teach a seminar at ABMAA hq teaching self defence,It was a good turnout and students learned alot of new things