Chris Roach
"Like many others, I have been a member of a gym for many years and have lost weight but gained it back 2 – 3 months later when I got bored. I’ve tried many different programs and knew I needed to find the right way to take care of my health and lose weight in the correct way. A friend mentioned that he had started kick boxing at Bad Toro and had been going for 8 months and said if i wanted to lose weight and get in good shape then I should try it out.

In the past 6 months since attending Bad Toro kickboxing I have lost 8lbs and kept it off but not only that I am stronger, faster and have improved my stamina whilst also learning to defend myself. Each lesson is different and uses every muscle group each week, which keeps my interest levels high and makes me want to keep turning up.

After 4 months I was awarded my first belt which gave me good incentive to keep attending Bad Toro each week. It also gave me more drive to improve my flexibility, strength and general kickboxing skills in order to progress and earn more belts.

I would definitely recommend Dale Flaherty’s Bad Toro kickboxing to help improve fitness whilst learning self defence in a motivating environment."

Sentry Security

Sentry Security Ltd has used Dale Flaherty to train its guards in control and restraint and basic self defence techniques.

Such training has proved invaluable and inspires confidence in our security staff when performing their duties.

The course are cost effective and can be tailor-made to the individual organisation.

I would recommend Dale to any organisation who's staff come into contact with the general public.

Nick Leigh

I first started going to the classes after taking my daughter to her classes for a couple of months. I was a little apprehensive at first as I’d never been to classes like this before, but I needn’t have been, as everyone in the class was very friendly and I was made to feel very welcome by Sensei Dale Flaherty.

The classes are well structured with a mix of cardio exercise, technique, self-defence and syllabus training (grading).

I really enjoy going to the classes, I have improved my fitness, made new friends and will hopefully be grading for my yellow belt soon.

I strongly recommend the classes to anyone of any ability or fitness levels, it’s a great confidence booster and the nights out are great!

Hope to see you there soon.

Josh Summersgill

I first started at Bad Toro about 6 weeks ago. I originally joined because one of my work colleagues trains there, and he suggested that I should come down and start with him. This is going back 18 months when I was still Thai Boxing. Several Months back I packed in Thai boxing and after a short period I started to attend Dale’s classes.

As far as the classes go and the way the techniques are taught, in my opinion they’re spot on. The twenty to thirty minute warm up gets the blood pumping and the muscles activated ready for the session. Even though I’d like to consider myself as relatively fit, I have noticed that since starting the sessions six weeks ago, I am finding the fitness side of the class much easier.

Next is stretching off. I am personally a big believer in stretching, but with Kick Boxing the benefits of stretching are a lot more obvious. I have found over the last six weeks, I can stretch further and hold that stretch for longer. As a result of this, I am able to execute the techniques taught by Dale and Gary much better, for example front kicks and roundhouse kicks.

For me personally, my favorite part of the class is covering the syllabus. This is mainly because I am still striving to get my first kick boxing belt, which as every class goes by, thanks to Dale and Gary I feel more and more ready to bring on.

I would 100% recommend Bad Toro to anyone I know that would be interested in Kick Boxing or just simply getting fit. The class is very open and extremely friendly, and make all new comers of all ages feel very welcome. All I would suggest, is don’t do what I did and turn up to a kick boxing class in thai boxing shorts, its kind of like rocking up to Old Trafford in a Liverpool shirt. 

Apart from the mats sliding apart during the warm up, there is absolutely nothing I can think of to improve the Bad Toro classes.